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Beaver® has been manufacturing high-quality, trusted surgical blades since 1932. Beaver-Visitec International provides a wide variety of Beaver® knives and blades for ophthalmic and specialty surgical procedures.

Beaver® Mini-Blades

Advanced Beaver® Mini-Blades are designed to enhance control and precision in a broad range of surgical procedures, while maintaining the quality customers have relied on for more than 75 years.

Advanced grindless manufacturing technology ensures consistent sharpness and blade geometry. New features are designed to make Beaver® Mini-Blades easier and safer to use:

  • Patented tip design simplifies assembly, threading directly onto the handle—with no chuck collet required. Works with existing Beaver-Visitec handles. Tips are color-coded for easy identification of blade type.
  • New packaging tray with integrated finger-holds allows safer assembly, with no direct contact between fingers and blade or tip.

Beaver® Mini-Blades are available in a range of familiar blade sizes and geometries.

Want to see how easy assembly is? Watch and learn from our assembly video.

Beaver® Mini-Blade Product Sheet


Beaver® Xstar® Safety Knives

Beaver-Visitec International places safety-engineered, single-use knives in the hands of cataract surgeons around the world.

Beaver® Safety Knife

Beaver® Xstar® Safety Knives feature a specially designed, integrated retractable shield that protects the blade in procedure and handling. Beaver® Safety Cataract Knives are designed to minimize the risk of accidental surgical blade injuries that could occur during all phases of a surgical procedure: before use, during passing, between steps of the procedure, after use, or during disposal. The shield is activated by the user through a spring-assisted slider that provides tactile and audible feedback in both the shielded and unshielded positions.

The knife is conveniently offered as a single-use product, eliminating the need for special care that is associated with reusable products. Beaver® Xstar® Safety Knives are available in slit, crescent and sideport blades in a wide range of sizes.

The Xstar® Blade technology is based on a proprietary grindless process for manufacturing surgical blades, for exceptional sharpness and consistency. Our single and double bevel blade geometry allows the cataract surgeon to create the desired incision architecture, whether the incision is scleral or corneal. Request more information

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Atomic Edge™ Safety Knives

Xstar® Cataract KnivesBeaver® Xstar® Cataract Knives 

Beaver-Visitec International also offers a wide range of conventional knives for cataract surgery. Beaver® Xstar® Slit Knives, Implant knives and Crescent Knives come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of ophthalmic surgeons. Request more information

Beaver® Cataract Knives Product Sheet

For a complete listing of Beaver® knives and blades, please view our catalog

Beaver® Specialty Surgical Products

Beaver® specialty knives and blades are designed for ear, nose and throat (ENT), emergency medical, gynecology, neurosurgery, orthopedic, and other specialty surgical procedures. Request more information

Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) BladesEar, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Beaver® Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) blades are designed to help enhance control and operative efficiency in a wide range of procedures. Among them are Beaver® Myringotomy and Tympanoplasty blades and knives designed to offer superior precision and control in delicate procedures. Request more information

ENT Brochure

Neuro Surgery BladesNeuro Surgery

Beaver® Neuro blades are designed for procedures that require precise, well-controlled cutting. Neuro surgery products include Beaver® Neuro-Sharp™ and Needle blades. Request more information


Orthopedic BladesOrthopedic

Beaver® blades for orthopedic surgery include mini-blades and chisel blades, as well as Beaver® Arthro-Lok™ products for arthroscopic procedures. Request more information


For more information on Mini-Blade and Micro-Sharp™ blades, Micro-Unitome™ knives, needle blades, and other surgical instruments, view our catalog

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