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Merocel®, Keracel®, Weck-Cel®


MEROCEL® PVA Fluid Control Products

MEROCEL® sponge products provide the surgeon with superior fiber free (cellulose free) products for unparalleled fluid control and safe cleaning of the microsurgical instruments. The exclusive MEROCEL® material is highly absorbent, fast wicking, lint-free, polyvinyl acetal (PVA). Request more information

Merocel® Fluid Control Products

KERACEL® Tools for Corneal Surgery

KERACEL® sponge products are made from a patented high-density formulation of lint-free MEROCEL® polyvinyl acetal (PVA) sponge. Designed to benefit both surgeon and patient, by being absorbent, and yet firm enough to gently manipulate delicate tissues during LASIK and other corneal procedures. Request more information

Keracel® Tools

WECK-CEL® Cellulose Fluid Control Products

WECK-CEL® sponge products are the standard in eye surgical fluid control.  Made from highly absorbent, natural cellulose material.  Designed for use in delicate, surgical areas. Maintains rigidity during wicking process. Single-use, packaged sterile. Request more information

Weck-Cel® Cellulose Sponges

Merocel®, Keracel® and Weck-Cel® Product Sheet

ULTRACELL® Fluid Control Products

Ultracell® Ophthalmic Sponge Products
Ultracell® PVA and cellulose sponge products are used for the management of fluids during ophthalmic procedures.

Eye Spear 40410 Eye Spear 40800 Eye Shield 40800

Ultracell® ENT Sponge Products
Ultracell® ENT Sponge products are made from a specially formulated PVA material making them both highly absorbent and soft.  Delivering performance for the surgeon and comfort for the patient.

Nasal Group 1 Sinus Group 1 Ear Group 1

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